Next Gen Rallycross

Deep Orange 9

Engineered By:
Clemson University Graduate Students


Clemson is now seeking partners for Deep Orange 9

The Deep Orange 9 team of graduate students and multidisciplinary faculty¬†will develop and demonstrate a “Next Generation Rallycross” vehicle. The technology package will focus on a creating a safe, clean and fuel efficient vehicle that provides highly dynamic handling and acceleration. The vehicle will feature significant automation that intends to enhance the driving experience and improve safety. The advanced driver safety, chassis control, powertrain and driver assistance systems will be demonstrated over widely varying road conditions in a motorsports setting.


Sponsorship opportunities

  • Driveline, engine hardware, control systems
  • Electric motors and battery systems
  • Lightweight materials/structure
  • Electronics, data acquisition, telemetry, sensors, wiring
  • Suspension and steering components
  • Driver assist systems, vision systems
  • Marketing concepts for motorsports
  • Safety systems for preventing head and body injury
  • Driver performance and condition evaluation, Driver/human modeling

For more information, contact Dr. Robert Prucka: [email protected]

BMW Performance Center Visits Deep Orange 9 Graduate Students