Deep Orange 10

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Autonomy Re-Imagined

In partnership with Ford Motor Company, Department of Automotive Engineering students unveiled their design in October 2021. The project represents is the University’s first self-driving passenger vehicle prototype, and combines cutting edge autonomous driving technology, battery electric propulsion and a curated set of novel customer experiences.

Guided by Ford engineers, students reimagined the use cases for self-driving vehicles for 2030 smart city life. Their prototype aims to help parents reclaim family time while traveling; connect college students without cars; and maximize productivity for business professionals on the go. The student-engineered prototype can be found on display at the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport in South Carolina.

Concept to Reality

As part of the graduate automotive engineering program at CU-ICAR, students are given the unique opportunity to create and build a concept vehicle.

The project showcases advanced technologies and provides students an opportunity to work directly with automotive industry partners and experience all phases of the product development process.


Using market research data, customer demographics and psychographics, students developed representative user personas and determined their preferences to help them design the Deep Orange 10 vehicle.


A Project Made Possible Through Collaboration

The following organizations have provided generous support, in-kind contributions, and mentoring to achieve the objectives of Deep Orange 10: