High-Speed Driverless Racecar

Deep Orange 12

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Deep Orange 12

For its 12th project, Deep Orange has partnered with the Indy Autonomous Challenge to produce a driverless high-speed racecar that will be used by university-based student teams participating in the competition’s final rounds. Through this concept, the DO12 vehicle will serve as a highly visible platform to bring industry and students together to explore and develop innovative solutions around the future of autonomous mobility.

Contact: Dr. Rob Prucka, DO12 Project leader

Deep Orange 12 students engineer a driverless configuration that allows for head-to-head competition between multiple vehicles during the Indy Autonomous Challenge. This integrated hardware and software framework will be used by university teams around the world to develop fully-functional autonomous vehicle algorithms. These university teams will then race each other at high speeds at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a $1.5M grand prize on October 23, 2021.

Read the release here.

Re-envisioned and Extensively Validated

The DO12 project scope allows for engineering and innovation across multiple subsystems, as vehicle will be re-envisioned and extensively validated from a systems perspective in the following areas:

  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications
  • Perception Systems
  • Onboard Computing
  • Drive-by-Wire Chassis Control Systems
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure Communications
  • Powertrain Design and Integration
  • Structural Design of Components