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Deep Orange 4

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Introducing Deep Orange 4

The CU-ICAR Deep Orange 4 project is based on the BMW X3 and is defined as a versatile vehicle that targets the niche market of performance oriented SUV customers who want both best in class utility/space and an aggressive sporty design.

The unique selling proposition (USP) of the concept combines BMW brand DNA with a unique transformative design. In addition, a cost-efficient manufacturing plan was developed which details how this low-volume derivative could be assembled without negatively impacting existing BMW production processes.


Deep Orange 4 Partners

The following organizations have provided generous support, in-kind contributions and talented human resources to achieve the objectives of Deep Orange 4.


The Next Generation of Automotive Engineers & Innovators

Deep Orange 4 Gallery

The Deep Orange 4 vehicle project was officially kicked off in September 2011 with major sponsorship from BMW Manufacturing Co. and three of its tier-I suppliers: Drive Automotive Industries, Spartanburg Steel Products Inc. and Gestamp South Carolina LLC. Over a span of two years, the Deep Orange 4 project covered the full spectrum of vehicle development, including benchmarking, concept execution, detailing, design (exterior and components), engineering and build of the prototype vehicle. A few of the vehicle’s key moments were captured and are featured to the right.