Urban Mobility For Generation Y & Z

Deep Orange 5

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Introducing Deep Orange 5

Urbanization is expected to continue over the next 25 years. Most young adults who move to cities seek better jobs and higher incomes, as productive industries, services and technologies tend to cluster in cities. Megacities exhibit major transportation challenges including traffic congestions, road space, parking space, air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Young adults have less interest in new vehicle ownership for several reasons. It is simply becoming too expensive to own and operate a new vehicle. Unemployment, economic crises and student loans are major concerns. For many having access to a vehicle is no longer needed to capture freedom. Today, young adults are connecting online to experience a new sense of virtual freedom. Operating a vehicle is often seen as a disruption of the social connected lifestyle.


Deep Orange 5 Partners

The following organizations have provided generous support, in-kind contributions and mentoring to achieve the objectives of Deep Orange 5.


The Next Generation of Automotive Engineers & Innovators

Deep Orange 5 Gallery

Deep Orange 5, the fifth generation of Clemson’s concept vehicle program, is designed for generations Y and Z (young adults) who will live in mega cities in 2020. The vehicle enables social networking and mobility to go hand-in-hand, ultimately forming an emotional connection between the user and vehicle. The project’s key moments, including concepting, design, engineering, and fabrication, were captured on camera and are featured to the right.