Deep Orange 10

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Deep Orange 10

For the 10th iteration of Deep Orange, students will develop a clean slate, purpose-built, electric autonomous mobility concept for 2030 Smart City life. Sponsored by Ford Motor Company, Deep Orange 10 will give automotive engineering students real-world experience by developing an ingenious vehicle design, open autonomous vehicle architecture and disruptive innovations. As part of the educational experience, students will explore innovations in user experience, such as ride comfort, voice and gesture control, and integration of passenger biometric and pose information with vehicle functions.

Read the Deep Orange 10 announcement here.


Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities Include:

  • Lightweight materials/structures
  • Electronics, data acquisition, telemetry, sensors, wiring
  • Medical sensor systems and diagnostics
  • Suspension and steering components
  • Safety systems for preventing head and body injury
  • Electric braking systems and components
  • Seating systems and interiors
  • Cooling/HVAC
  • HMI/Display systems
  • Electrical lighting and adjacent systems

For more information, contact Dr. Pierluigi Pisu at [email protected] .


A Project Made Possible Through Collaboration

The following organizations have provided generous support, in-kind contributions, and mentoring to achieve the objectives of Deep Orange 10.