High-Speed Off-Road Autonomy

Deep Orange 14

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For the 14th cohort of Deep Orange, Clemson automotive engineering students designed, built, and validated an autonomous off-road vehicle to deliver disaster relief supplies and map local environments without putting humans in harm’s way.

The team developed their reconnaissance and relief prototype in partnership with the U.S. Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC). To make such an ambitious project possible, two cohorts of Deep Orange students collaborated across three years to develop this non-combat, optionally remote-controlled vehicle from the ground up.

The vehicle incorporates a tracked vehicle design, open autonomous vehicle architecture, series-hybrid electric powertrain, and disruptive innovations to advance the state of autonomous technology and equip students for successful careers.

After students graduate, Clemson researchers will use the Deep Orange 14 vehicle as a validation and verification tool for projects out of the University’s Virtual Prototyping of autonomy-enabled Ground Systems (VIPR-GS) Center.

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Finished Concept

Upon completion, students validated the Deep Orange vehicle in the field to achieve a top speed of 35mph, 360 degree pivot in place in two seconds, and scaling a 18″-high obstacle.




A project made possible through collaboration

The following organizations have provided generous support, in-kind contributions, and mentoring to achieve the objectives of Deep Orange 14.