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Deep Orange 9


For the Deep Orange 9 program at Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research, students are building a first-ever, high-performance, ultra-tough motorsports vehicle with a clean, fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain, advanced technical features, and highly dynamic handling and acceleration. The concept is in response to rising fuel-efficiency standards and millennials’ interest in vehicles that are both safe and clean.

The graduate student team is designing for global rallycross, a fast-growing sport that involves sprint-style racing with large jumps, aggressive jockeying, and drifting held on a closed-loop track of dirt, asphalt, and mud.



Though they begin as production cars, rallycross vehicles are typically modified to become some of the most versatile racers around. Most feature internal combustion engines to meet the power and agility needs of the sport. As a hybrid vehicle, Deep Orange 9 will disrupt current perceptions of energy-efficient vehicles by showing they can meet extreme performance demands in a safe, economical way.

Read the Deep Orange 9 announcement here.


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The following organizations have provided generous support, in-kind contributions and mentoring to achieve the objectives of Deep Orange 9.


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